Where to find us!

Special Winter offer for Kilkenny

We appreciate the fact that the parade is a market location with no parking and that Thursdays is a working day. So if you can’t make it to the market but like to shop – text or message us and we’ll deliver after the market. We might also be able to do your other shopping – get the fish, veg or meat. Lets all work together to support the market in winter. Contact Josephine at 086 8958538 or speltbaker@gmail.com.

The shops and markets we sell from!


We really appreciate our local, independent shops and we love to be part of their suppliers. Needless to say, shops cannot take the full range of bread that we send to the markets. However, we bake most things every day, so it is possible to order into a shop and collect and pay in the shop. Just ring us at 086 8958538 or contact the shop directly.


Inistioge : Every Tuesday from 9 till 1pm. Local seller is Tom Dempsey
Kilkenny : Every Thursday from 9.30 till 2pm. Local sellers are Josephine Plettenberg or Philippe Petrani
Portlaoise : Every Friday from 9.30 till 1pm. Local seller is Shane Grincell
Carlow : Every Saturday from 9.30 till 1.30pm. Local seller is Alison Shelly

For general feedback, to order some breads, to ask to hold a bread because you’re not sure when you will get to the market or even for deliveries on our way home, ring Josephine on 086 8958538. We don’t miss markets and we trade in all weathers. Markets are at the centre of our belief in local food and shopping local. See you there.