Do you ever forgot to order your bread? Come to the market and your bread is gone? We have the solution:

Become a SpeltEater. Whatever you bread requirements are, we will set you up with one or two weekly deliveries on Wedneday and/or Friday. You,ll never run out of bread, you keep up with our news and you get to try any new bread we’re experimenting with – and you are making it possible for us to avoid price increases and waste.

The pandemic years of lock down and organised home life seem over and our busy lives are taking over again. It would be such a shame if the link many of us formed with our local producers fell victim to those busy lives and so we are trying to make it easier for you. As energy costs are soaring, we need a new way to trade that makes waste redundant and every drive worth it’s diesel. We have had to increase prices but will give our SpeltEaters a 10% discount. We enjoyed moving much of our business into direct home deliveries and would now like to offer you an easy way to make this a regular part of your week. Simply choose a way that suits you best, set up a direct debit on your bank account or on paypal and sit back and wait for your bread parcel.

As a SpeltEater, you set up a regular Direct Debit to cover the basic bread needs every week. We delivery every week. You can add to the order if you need more read or cancel the order when you are away. If you’re cancelling, we can either defer or you can donate the order to a neighbour, a friend or a charity.

Ring and discuss what you need with Josephine and we’ll
set it up the way it suits you best 086 8958538


We are located in Bramblestown in Gowran ( R95xv48) and would love to offer our neighbours a neighbourly discount of 25% on Wednesday or Friday. Simply order online the day before, pay through the Neighbour discount button and collect from the Bakehouse after 9am. We also take card or cash at the bakehouse but you have to order in advance.

We would like to offer the same to the village of Gowran with pick up would be Glasrai and Goodies. As a SpeltNeighbour you can either order for any Wednesday or Friday or also become a SpeltEater and set up a regular supply of bread.