Speltbaker’s wholesale options

We bake many different varieties of bread ranging from sourdough to yeast and soda bread, scones and pastries.

We sell mostly at the markets in Carlow and Kilkenny but also to shops and direct house deliveries. Some food trucks and cafés also use our buns, baguettes or sourdough and we would like to offer you wholesale options here that are geared especially to our speciality breads, our slightly out of the ordinary options. 

We use 100% organic spelt flour and make everything by hand from scratch. So there is no cheap option. However, we offer good discounts on larger quantities and all our bread freezes very well. 

You can of course order anything from our shop but these are a few options we would especially suggest. Some of which we only offer to you.

  1. Honey seeded sourdough. This is a wholemeal sourdough enriched with cold pressed olive oil from the soul of crete and honey from Milleen. The bread contains an abundance of soaked seeds which give it further longevity and moistness.  A very healthy and popular choice.
  2. Fig and Barberry sourdough. This is our nod to a sweet sourdough. Made with a g
  3. Superbread. This is the yeasted version of the seeded loaf, made with spelt and rye flour and a high percentage of sourdough. 30% of the flour is a sprouted seed flour, milled from lentils, alfalfa and many other high protein seeds. This is possibly our healthiest choice with a high protein count.
  4. Garlic fougasse. This is our version of a garlic bread. Again 100%, it is a flat bread made with our own garlic butter and parsley. Very popular with our market custsomers, it freezes and reheats extremely well. 
  5. Savoury scones with Cashel blue, pear and walnut. This is a triangular savoury scone which is really popular with any cheese board or soup.
  6. Brioche burger bun. Our large brioche buns are a great base of sandwiches or burgers. 
  7. Party bread. Brioche rolls baked as a tear and share is a very popular dinner party central piece. Also used for wedding tables. 

These are just a few suggestions what might work for a different bread look which will make all the difference. We are experimenting with different breads all the time and will add new ones over the year. Currently we are working on a lemon sourdough which might make a great companion for a fish starter.