Ingredients and Allergens and Suppliers

All our breads are Spelt breads

All our produce is made with organic spelt flour. We buy from Oak Forest Mill, who grow and mill in Ireland and from Commandeur muellen in the Netherlands.

We also try and use the best of ingredients, preferably Irish sourced. Every produce in the shop has an ingredients list in the product description

Please be aware that we make everything in our bakehouse and we do use seeds, almonds and egg. Please be aware that some contamination may occur. For severe allergies, please let us know.

Our eggs come from Tinnock farm in Wexford

Our seeds come from Kells wholemeal in Bennettsbridge

We use himalayan rock salt

Most of our breads are suitable for Vegan’s as they contain flour, salt and water only. Treats are mostly made with butter. Check the individual product descriptions.

Speltbakers Allergens Advice

Spleltbaker’s allergen advice

We use pure, organic spelt flour without any additives or improvers . Therefore, all our products – except our gluten free soda – contain spelt and gluten In addition :

Scones ( fruit and plain)  contain egg and milk

Savoury scones contain milk, egg and walnut

Soda bread  contains  milk and sesame seed

Rustic  yeast loaves and brown baguette contain sesame seed

Apple pies contain egg and milk

Chocolate pies contain egg, milk and almonds

Party bread and brioche contain milk, eggs, sesame seed and almonds

Austrian breakfast plait contains milk and eggs and almonds

Stromboli contains milk

Cheese rolls contain milk, egg

Summer bread contains sesame seed

Gluten free soda contains milk, eggs and sesame seed

Superbread contains sesame seed                

Jalapeno sourdough contains milk

Garlic fougasse contains milk

We can facilitate your specific dietary requirements with special orders.