Christmas Shop

Speltbakers is trading as normal, Wednesday through to Saturday until the 23rd December.

Free delivery on all online order until Christmas – Scroll down for our Christmas specials or head to our normal Shop

Farmers Markets 2022

  • Carlow Farmers market on Saturdays, and Friday, 23rd Dec.
  • Kilkenny Farmers market on Thursdays, incl, Thursday, 22nd
  • Callan neighbourfood on Fridays, incl. Friday, 23rd.

Selling in the following stores

  • Ardkeen Foodstores in Waterford
  • Full and plenty in New Ross
  • Everyday in Inistioge
  • Glasrai and Goodies in Gowran

And in Kilkenny

  • Grogan and Brown
  • Little Green Grocer

We are also selling through our online shop here and delivering anywhere along our route every day Wednesday through to Saturday right up to Christmas eve

You can order into any of the above shops or markets or we deliver to your home

For the festive season, we have added some breads that you can only order here and that might particularly suit the festive table

  1. Our crowd pleasing table centre piece – The Christmas star

This is a brioche dough with chocolate ganache. A beautiful tear and share that freezes well, is the equivalent of about 12 rolls. As a brioche it contains milk, egg and butter

  1. A little bit less opulent – the Partybread round

A brioche without the chocolate. A tear and share with 11 rolls

  1. Mince pies

These ever popular pies are made with our own spelt pastry and a nice brambley apple base. We make our own mince meat with organic lemons and our own organic lemon peel. Our mince meat is based on Butter. 

  1. Cranberry and apple pie

This is the raisin free sister to the mince pie. Very festive with our own cranberry sauce. Mix the two in a box and you have an absolute winner

  1. Mince meat

If you prefer to make your own pies but would love our mince meat. We also sell jars of mince meat to our customers. We love baking and like to encourage anyone to bake. So get to it. 

  1. Christmas Stromboli

Even the Stromboli have gone festive as we replace the peppers with cranberry sauce and the Cheddar with the Cranberry Wensleydale cheese from Yorkshire. Just when you thought the Stromboli could not get any better…….

  1. Puff pastry

Lastly, we also sell spelt puff pastry for the freezer. We can’t make your sausage roll but we can help you along. Book in advance. Puff pastry takes a while to make

  1. Baking afternoon voucher

Finally, the ultimate Christmas present. Give an afternoon of baking. We bake one Saturday a month with a maximum of five people in our own bakehouse. We move from Sourdough to yeast loaves and soda. From scones to brioche and even croissant and pastry. You decide what you want to try, we have the recipe and you keep all the bread you make. €70 per person.

9. Garlic Fougasse

Nothing goes better with a glass of wine than a bit of garlic bread!
Try our garlic fougasse, normally only sold at markets