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Baking courses – the best way to learn is to do! Come and bake with us.

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Our baking are back as of this January and we are running them on Sunday afternoons. Dates on offer:
January, 28th April, 28th
February, 25th May, 26th
March, 24th June, 30th

– We’ll post the second half of the year later. If you have a group of four or more people, we can add another date, Sundays or Mondays would suit
– We run on Sunday afternoons (2-6pm) and groups consist of no more than 6 people. We bake all afternoon and you take home what you made. We Try and look at all sorts of baking: Sourdough, yeast, soda, scones, treats etc. If you have a special interest we can also make that. the idea is that you get to bake and get familiar with how bread works. It is meant to be the start ( or the rekindling ) of your bread making journey!
– The website is still a bit weird about dates, so if you want to just book a course and I will be in touch by phone to confirm.
– The courses will only run with at least four people and payment is due in full two weeks in advance

– Always good fun. Ring me with any further questions: Josephine 086 8958538 or


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